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New Shoes In This Sad, Secular, Materialisitc Society
October 24, 2011

I love reading pointless posts like this almost as much as I like reading them. So here is one, of an ‘exciting’ purchase I made today. I love new shoes. Out of all the new clothing and attire etc that there is to buy, I love shoes the most. No, actually, jeans come first. I love wearing brand new jeans. I love those jeans. My purple skinny jeans, in the photo. I would just like to admit though, that the only reason I bought these beautiful shoes is because everyone else has them. Which is horrible. But I won’t kid myself. I’m not original or unique. I follow the crowd like everybody else. How depressing! However. The shoes are so nice it makes up for it. Speaking of awesome shoes, please note the sexy black, grey and blue high-top Nike dunks on the left hand side. Amongst the incredible mess. Yes I live like a pig, I always have done, and I inevitably always will do. But the dunks are also my babies. Shoes are wonderful. That is all this post is intending to say. There is norhyme or reason. Eee I love my vans.