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Petrarchan Sonnet
October 3, 2012

my heart

my heart, to you, is a throw away thing
it’s a cheap plastic lighter
running out of gas.
the more i burn
the less i am.
and i cannot do, but yearn
and scream,
“just stop.”

my heart, to you, is a throw away thing.
wasting like the core of finished fruit
faded from your eye.
those lashes flicker away from me now,
and gaze
the other way.


Ten People In My Wonderful Life
December 24, 2011

Writing Excersise:

Pick ten people you know and write a one-sentence description for each of them.

  1. Never quite looking me in the eye, I could her that constant irritating flick on the pen in his right hand that paced out an off-beat rhythm, which he seemed to unconsiously speak in time to.
  2. From the scuffed black and white converse trainers and low-sitting drain-pipe jeans he gave off an over-confident air, but when he spoke with the most inoccent grin I’d ever seen I couldn’t help but feel as if I’d known him for years, and the bounce of the curls on his head when he laughed just made him seem even more harmless, but there was something about his slightly dusty blue eyes that made me stop and think, and I’m not sure what about.
  3. I’d never seen dull, sleepy eyes sparkle as much as his when he read the words that I never knew I’d longed to hear.
  4. She squeezed her volumptuous sides in the tight skirt, that I guess you could say accentuated her feminine curves, but the way she sucked in tightly on a thin cigarette and pouted into the reflection on her phone fixing a curl or two that fell out of place from her head told us that she was here for one thing only.
  5. The bitter taste was clear on her face though she tried to hide it; she exhaled slowly and controlled and handed it back to me, her long dark hair dancing like a black fire down her back and around her slightly too-wide shoulders, as if mocking the smoke she shunted from her chest.
  6. His eyes locked onto mine, his cheeky smile quickly flashed up as he made some midly amusing quip and passed another drink into my hands, being careful for our fingers not to touch.
  7. Slightly stooped, with soft eyes, he gave the appearance of offering his full attention yet it always seemed as if his mind was elsewhere, somewhere I wasn’t allowed to go.
  8. Large, plump, no make up, no care; her loose, oversized clothes hung like dead animals from her sloth-like limbs that moved as if she had already given up.
  9. Her terrifyingly tall legs strutted under a tight dress that teased with the idea of revealing the tip of her buttox.
  10. Always poised with an expression of discontent and armed with an attempt of sarcastic wit that came out more bitchy, he was the kind of guy that had to be your best friend for you not to hate him.