August 28, 2012

by Elexa Rose

i hate it when people
talk when watching films
or programs on the T.V.
talk and forget or miss
what’s really happening.
they talk to these people
pretend they are real.
care more for their lives than
their own.

i hate watching people
watching T.V.
their faces become wasted
and dead.
contorted by an unrelenting
stream of faked stimuli.
scripted words,
practiced postures
and endless take after take
just so we can sit and talk over it.
and forget what we just saw.


January 27, 2012

by Elexa Rose
We ruin the music with words and phrases,
Playing to a sea of pale, burnt-out faces.
Their eyes are lost in empty spaces,
Lost forever in our spot-light mazes.
The orchestra below always sounds the same,
Asking, “What do we do to start over again?”
It eats up every note that I drain,
The strings of violins are heavy as chain.

November 15, 2011

by Elexa Rose
I can’t think of anything better
than strawberry ice cream.
Euphoria in a pale crimson.
Discoloured photos of my
first day of school.
Symmetrical ruby ribbons
stark in my dark hair.
Grinning, I barely acknowledge
that they’re there.
Screaming, shrill.
It breaks the horizon,
with a flock of fleeing birds.
The rope tightens.
Red velvet curtains pull apart
like a break heart.
Scripted words feel real
because we’re just that good.
But the scream…
It’s not quite right.
A woman sobs.
Out of pride?
They take their bows.
Pull out the knife
from a large, chocolate birthday cake.
He notices how far
she’s bitten her nails down.
Dry blood in the tiny crevices.
She’s smiling, laughing even.
But her eyes scream out.
They search for whoever is looking.
She remembers the strawberry ice cream
of last Summer.
This is the last time these
curtains will fall.
Euphoria in dark, rich