three cheers
November 7, 2012

by Elexa Rose


three cheers for the individual
that spray painted giant genitalia
on the side of the bus shelter
that i stand underneath every single day.
never before have i seen a pair of bollocks
not only large than my head
but also at the same height.
i can peek through their outline
like a porthole
or a frame for the rest of the world.

three cheers for the individual
that smoked a blunt behind the lecture block.
that small space near the bins
that i use as a short-cut to keep on time.
now everyone can do the same.
i couldn’t have hoped to spread the word
more thoroughly.

and three cheers for the kid who first yelled
and we did.
because without that kid i guess i would care more
about every ball sack i see
and every red-eyed stoner
and every walk of shame through the corridor.
fuck it, none of us care any more.


August 28, 2012

by Elexa Rose

i hate it when people
talk when watching films
or programs on the T.V.
talk and forget or miss
what’s really happening.
they talk to these people
pretend they are real.
care more for their lives than
their own.

i hate watching people
watching T.V.
their faces become wasted
and dead.
contorted by an unrelenting
stream of faked stimuli.
scripted words,
practiced postures
and endless take after take
just so we can sit and talk over it.
and forget what we just saw.

The question is do you feel like you’re letting go?
November 23, 2011

by Elexa Rose
Happiness spills through my lips
so fast
I can barely talk.
Floating through bolts of light
Or lightning
Or sound reverberating from my eyes.
Forgotten stress
Fell out of my head
When I fuelled my body
With this common dread.
What was I afraid of?
I could dance all night
With this beat in my blood.
Oh and just
The way your voice sounds
Right in my ear.
I’m feather light
And perfectly beautiful.
And you are irresistable.
No need to think,
No need to blink.
Eyes wide, I feel alive.
How did I ever survive.

Day 18. My Views On Gay Marriage.
November 20, 2011

~Thirty Days of Truth Challenge (

Everyone has the right to happiness, to love, to spend their life with whoever they want. As far as I’m concerned, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, people can do whatever they like, and however people argue it gay marriage doesn’t actually hurt people. It makes me sick when people say stuff about it being ‘wrong’ or ‘shameful’. Who cares? Really? It’s just a gender. I don’t have much to say about this really, there will always be people who will oppose it, but society as a whole, I think, in generally quite accepting, which is good. I’m for it.