three cheers
November 7, 2012

by Elexa Rose


three cheers for the individual
that spray painted giant genitalia
on the side of the bus shelter
that i stand underneath every single day.
never before have i seen a pair of bollocks
not only large than my head
but also at the same height.
i can peek through their outline
like a porthole
or a frame for the rest of the world.

three cheers for the individual
that smoked a blunt behind the lecture block.
that small space near the bins
that i use as a short-cut to keep on time.
now everyone can do the same.
i couldn’t have hoped to spread the word
more thoroughly.

and three cheers for the kid who first yelled
and we did.
because without that kid i guess i would care more
about every ball sack i see
and every red-eyed stoner
and every walk of shame through the corridor.
fuck it, none of us care any more.


August 28, 2012

by Elexa Rose

i hate it when people
talk when watching films
or programs on the T.V.
talk and forget or miss
what’s really happening.
they talk to these people
pretend they are real.
care more for their lives than
their own.

i hate watching people
watching T.V.
their faces become wasted
and dead.
contorted by an unrelenting
stream of faked stimuli.
scripted words,
practiced postures
and endless take after take
just so we can sit and talk over it.
and forget what we just saw.

Let’s call it an experiment, and this the results.
December 3, 2011

by Elexa Rose
It’s fine by me –
Another day,
Another night.
I see your face
In the Amber light.
Why break this ride?
It feels too good.
It slows my head,
Just like you should.
I find comfort
In reddened eyes.
My throat burns.
Another dream dies.
Each breath I take
Heals the scars.
I think in silence,
And hear the stars.

Day 6. Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living.
October 27, 2011

~Thirty Days of Truth Challenge (

No, I disagree with this. You shouldn’t be living for other people, you live and do because YOU want to. If you are living for other people then you are not living your own life. My life is worth living because somehow, miraculously, against all of the odds there is such thing as ‘the universe’ and amongst it all there just so happens to be a planet in this universe, ideally situated near a sun, so it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. That just so happens to have land and water. So that it can hold life. And just by chance, life did spring, and it survived, and it evolved, and that is how I got here. And the chances of this happening is so near impossible I wouldn’t know how to express is mathematically. And not only is there such thing as human life on this planet, but I have a life because my parents met, by chance, and by chance a specific sperm and a specific egg fertilized. Against all of the odds we are here. We are all miracles, but we don’t see it like that because we see it everyday. But what is even more amazing. Millions of people in this world are starving, have nothing, cannot read or write, no basic health care. But look at where I am. I was born in a nice, normal family. I was given everything I needed, whenever I needed it. I’m healthy, I can do or be anything I want. I am on the cusp of the rest of my life. And that makes my life worth living. We are all lucky, we don’t need a ‘special someone’ that we ‘live our lives for’. No. You live for yourself. And if you find someone to share that with, then you’re even luckier.

Day 1. Something I hate about myself.
October 24, 2011

More self deprecation? Really?! No, no, calm down, it’s a thing I stumbled across, Thirty Days of Truth and here is a link ( Every day, a short little blog, one truth, everyday, for a month. Why not? It looks like fun. And here is the first one.

One thing I hate about myself is the way in which I process events, situations and people. The way in which my head thinks about things. To say I ‘over-analyse’ I think would be an understatement. I just spend hours and hours thinking about every tiny little thing that is remotely important to me. I have to think about it from every single angle, think about every little aspect especially with people. If I meet someone new, or even people I’ve known for years. Every little encounter, or conversation or anything, it has to be churned through over and over again. And I panic sometimes, because I have thoughts that I know are completely ridiculous and quite simply stupid but I have to think them, even if it’s only for a little bit. Or on the other extreme, I get carried away, thinking things that I know would never happen. Jeez. I hate my head. I really do wish I could take a break from it once in a while. Does anyone else feel similarly?

Haha, I realise how crazy I sound. I’m not crazy. I hope. Just a bit paranoid I think…

October 22, 2011

Well I managed to stay awake for like twenty hours, maybe just over, and then I whilst reading Don Juan: Cantos 1 I fell asleep. Face down in the book. At my desk. Woke up with a nice neck cramp. But still, only 2/3 hours of very awkward sleep in what… now… 27 hours. Does that still count as sleep deprivation? HA. Who am I kidding. I’m such a wimp. Still. Moral of the story, don’t try and stay awake for two days straight, you are most likely to fall flat on your face, quite literally.