Petrarchan Sonnet
October 3, 2012

my heart

my heart, to you, is a throw away thing
it’s a cheap plastic lighter
running out of gas.
the more i burn
the less i am.
and i cannot do, but yearn
and scream,
“just stop.”

my heart, to you, is a throw away thing.
wasting like the core of finished fruit
faded from your eye.
those lashes flicker away from me now,
and gaze
the other way.


A fraction of a second.
December 5, 2011

by Elexa Rose
Your dark side… I can, almost,
touch, corrupts and becomes
every fucking thought smashing
my head. You know I can’t
help but care too much. You’re knee
deep in my gaze, laughing
so hard your head rolls away
from your sick, little neck.
I was led to believe that
I’d won         – this one time.
Hope gushing, my hands covered.
Your mouth is the noose from
which I hang. Tears choke up through
my neck. And you missed the
whole damn show because the flash
was too bright.