Let’s not finish how we started
December 11, 2011

by Elexa Rose
Catapulting, ever lasting, create.
Don’t pretend to hate.
I laugh at the sheer sight
of your usual lateness.
Words vomit, misspelt, try.
You’re asking questions,
but why?
Don’t stop to answer.
Finding lies, in half-hearted jokes.
We are in flux, in your fiction
I won’t take it,
I won’t break.

No posts?
November 15, 2011

It appears I have not posted in five whole days. In fact it has been longer than that because the last two posts I wrote a week ago and simply delayed the day it would be published on here. Why would I do such a thing? Can I not be bothered with this blog any more? Oh no, simply my boyfriend came up to visit for the week and I hadn’t a moment to spare between the long, lazy lie-ins, binge drinking and thoughtless expenditure. It was a good week, nice and relaxing. However, now I have a lot of uni work amongst other things on my plate. So posts may be sparse at times. However, this is a little oath to myself to keep this going, to make time etc. Make time to write. In every sense. Anyone got any tips on organisation? I’m all over the place. Also, I am aware that I haven’t replied to some comments, emails etc but I will, I will, in due course, just trying to sort my life out haha.. stress.

Three Songs You Can’t Not Listen To
October 22, 2011

So I did say I’d post a song by The Xx, and I was torn by about four differen tracks but I chose this one because this is probably the most well known at the moment as Birdy has recently done a cover. It’s called Shelter, and I love the line ‘can I make it better with the lights turned on’, because it really plays with the metaphorical idea of light resembling enlightenment, positivity etc, but in a much more literal way. Also, it kind of expresses a raw vulnerability, that idea of bright light, pure exposure, just to ‘make it better’. The language is beautifully simple, which mirrors the music, it’s got that minimilistic vibe going on, but you can listen to it and become completely submerged in it, get lost in it’s little bubble. Give it a listen, if you haven’t heard it already.

My second song is by an American band called Say Anything, my favourite band in the whole wide world. It’s called ‘Into The Night’, it’s got that sexy angry acoustic thing going on. I mean, it’s a song about hurt and yeah maybe it is a bit ’emo’ and depressing, but I think it’s a bit more tongue in cheek, it’s hyperbolic, like the line, ‘the satin sheets are ruby red, like the nails that scarred my back’.  I mean, the overly cliche imagery with the use of ‘ruby red’, just pure hatred and anger all over, yet also holding connotation of the lust and passion that they shared, the passion that the girl is now having with her new fella. And the the act of scarring his back, reflecting the way she has scarred his life, left her impression, caused him pain etc. It’s sensual, it’s got heart and it’s a damn good listen.

Thirdly, another awesome song, that most people should already know, by the good old Kooks, ‘See The World’. Now if any guy came up to me, and said, ‘do you wan to see the world a different kind of way?’ And he promised me he could show me, and well I would be completely swept off of my feet. Who wouldn’t be? It’s like in that film, 500 Days of Summer, when the guy is sitting on that bench with the girl, Summer, and he explains why it is his favourite spot of the city, because he is an architect, and he explain to her, he shows her how to see the world in a much more beautiful way. And how he says, if I could I would make people notice, and she asks how, and he draws it on her arm. I sound like such a sap, I know, but I’m a sucker for romance and art and shit like that. I like it when I can see something and then someone says something that makes you look at it a completely different way. I like things that are personal to people, and to me that’s what thing song is about. Obviously it’s about more than just that, but that aspect is beautiful, I want to sail away and never come back, well yeah come back, but come back a completely different person because you’ve seen things differently, because you’ve seen the world, maybe not literally the world, but yeah I’ll stop rambling. Listen to this sweet ass song.