May 3, 2012

by Elexa Rose

what did you do with him today
what did you give him
can it be that you
saw him like the others
walls watch you
from all four sides
pale beige walls
painted and peeling
like burnt skin

roll up roll up
its a mystery here today
rolled up the grass
within soft blades
looking up and watching
cupping your curves
round your bones
supple under your weight
comforting in your aid


Cliff Top
March 5, 2012

by Elexa Rose
Maybe it’s the black of her eyes.
Or maybe her eyes aren’t black at all.
Maybe they are too large and
they look too innocent.
Maybe they hide secrets.
Maybe it’s how small life seems
When I’m lying in half-sleep
Pretending to count sheep.
Maybe I’m not pretending.
Maybe my head isn’t ticking.
Maybe I can hear doors slamming.
Maybe I want to hear doors slamming.
Maybe my ears hear and
Perhaps my head does not.
Maybe I hear chairs shunting.
It is a possibility and for that we clock in
And clock out again at the end
Of a long hard day.
Maybe it wasn’t a long day.
And maybe it was too easy.

October 22, 2011

Well I managed to stay awake for like twenty hours, maybe just over, and then I whilst reading Don Juan: Cantos 1 I fell asleep. Face down in the book. At my desk. Woke up with a nice neck cramp. But still, only 2/3 hours of very awkward sleep in what… now… 27 hours. Does that still count as sleep deprivation? HA. Who am I kidding. I’m such a wimp. Still. Moral of the story, don’t try and stay awake for two days straight, you are most likely to fall flat on your face, quite literally.

Sixteen Hours
October 22, 2011

Okay, so I’ve been awake for sixteen hours, and maybe I’m not entirely sober and maybe that wasn’t entirely a great idea. Oh and if I haven’t made it clear, this is my attempt to stay awake for forty-eight hours solid.  I just want to see if I can do it. See what happens. When will I start going crazy? Am I already crazy to even try to do this? Is this procrastination taken to a new level? Yes I think so. I’m already getting some weird thoughts but that’s definitely nothing to do with being awake, because I haven’t hit a level of being awake that is odd yet. My odd thoughts will be due to the unhealthy and unencouraged substances in my body and to the time of day. Well night. It’s 4am. This is always a time of odd thoughts. I reckon I’ve got another four hours before I really start to feel it, then the challenge really begins. I think the trick is to keep myself busy, I’ve things to occupy myself with, sorting out my room, catching up on uni work, find a job, all the normal things that you should probably only do on a decent nights sleep. I’ll try and get these things done earler rather then later. Then I can do the more mundane things like, laundry, cleaning the entire flat, maybe seeing how many sit ups I can do after like 30 oand 40 hours of being awake. And of course, this blog, this blog that I have created only recently, yesterday to be precuise, that I seem to be spilling too many of my pointless, boring and tedium thoughts onto. Oh wells, that’s what’s the internet is for. I hope this gets more interesting. Who knows, maybe I can go longer than forty-eight hours. aybe I’ll just keep going until I cannot go any longer. Probably be best not to drive. I shall update again all too soon, sporadically, inbetween posts of other thoughts. Yes. I shall.